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Our Brokerage Partner is Daniels Trading. Whether you need help with a trade idea or a trade in progress call 1-866-928-3310.

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State of the art proprietary indicators designed specifically for Emini Trading plus 120 hours of Live Training.

Our Strategy

We teach you to trade. No more searching for the Holy Grail or a Guru to call trades for you. As a CFRN Partner you become the Guru.

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dt Pro Futures Trading Software Demo

Experience our premier online commodity trading platform.

Daniels Trading’s dedication to providing the premier futures trading software in the industry was driven by our relentless pursuit of satisfying the needs of active traders and offering a trading platform that would truly set us apart in the industry.  The result is our dt Pro.

Enjoy speed, reliability, and functionality.

  • Save money with no software fees or hidden costs
  • Experience fast and reliable execution
  • Access FREE streaming real-time quotes & charts
  • Place trades directly off the charts
  • Utilize one-click trading off the DOM, trailing stops, brackets and more!
  • Benefit from Direct Market Access and trade in both pit and electronic markets worldwide

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trial today!

To take advantage of this offer, simply complete the short form and begin trading in a risk-free, simulated environment with your complimentary two-week trial today!

Capture the Move Webinar Series: "The CFRN Indicators" - Webinar Archive

Identifying and profiting from trend changes in intraday trading may look easy in hindsight, but in the heat of a trade, traders often lose for many reasons. CFRN Indicators are designed by traders who trade for a living for traders who want to trade for a living. The developers have been through the costly lessons in trading and bring to you the structure and discipline that their indicators and the structure of their trading package provides.

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Getting Started

Register for Your Free 2-Week Trial of the dt Insider Market Advisory!

With your free trial membership, you'll receive full access to our exclusive trade recommendation service and all of the timely and accurate trade information you need to feel comfortable participating in the markets.

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Free Grain Trading Starter Kit

Your comprehensive starter kit will include over 85 pages of professional options trading guidance and education. With it, you’ll quickly learn the basics of grain trading and discover the potential opportunities in trading grains.

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Receive Four Popular eBooks and a Newsletter Absolutely Free

These four popular eBooks cover such topics as futures trading, seasonal analysis, spread trading and options trading. The weekly newsletter has fresh articles, book reviews and more. There’s nothing like a bit of knowledge!

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Free Futures Trading Starter Kit

With over 60 pages of professional guidance and education, your trading kit will help you gain an in-depth understanding of both the decision making and trade execution processes involved in commodity futures trading.

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Our Indicators

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn to Day Trade Emini Futures?


What are the requirements to Day Trade Emini Futures?

The minimum opening balance is $2,000.00 US. with Daniels Trading

How long does it take to learn Emini Day Trading?

If you have basic computer skills I can teach you the "Sandbox Trade" in 1 week. Learning to be a professional trader however, is a life long journey. Can you Earn as you Learn? Yes!

Do I need a special computer to Day Trade Emini Futures?

No! A dual core Windows PC running at least XP is sufficient.

How much does it cost to learn to Day Trade Emini Futures?
Less than it costs to become a hot-dog vendor. Sign Up Today!

Questions? 1-866-928-3310
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